Protential Resources has been supplying talented people to the Engineering Sector for the past ten years. We have experience placing Welders, Fabricators, CNC Operators, Electrical and Hydraulic installers, Steel Erectors, Mechanical and Electrical Fitters, Riggers and Machine Operators in workshops and on-site positions.

We work with leading projects in Pharma, Data Centres, Commercial, Industrial and Residential, hiring the best talents to fit different models such as short-term contracts and part-time in labour & trades and full-time professional roles.

Recognising that people are our greatest strength and the highly technical skillset and professionalism required in this sector, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs; our strength is in our commitment to deliver.

PLANNING your staffing needs is even more critical as we meet new challenges in an ever-changing world. At Protential, we aim to expand the capacity and capabilities of our clients so that, in turn, they can deliver quality goods and services to their clients.  

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