Executive Search

We draw on the strength of our proactive headhunting techniques to directly target the most talented professionals. We develop long term relationships with our clients and take the time to learn about each business so we can identify the type of person who will fit best into the business. 


Our next step then is to target these individuals and recruit the best possible talent for our clients. Our consultants are experts in their chosen field and have a great understanding of the roles they are trying to fill. 

Our candidates are sourced from Ireland aswell as further afield.


Some benefits of Executive Search 

  1. Return on Investment - The best candidates drive revenue and success and have more impact on your bottom line. At Protential, we seek out the best talent and your return on investment will  be much higher with the very best working for you.
  2. You get the Best Talent - Job postings only reach active candidates. However, the very best candidate may be working for one of your competitors! At Protential, we can get their attention and engage them on why they should work for you!
  3. Save valuable time - You may get a great return on applications however sifting through hundreds of CV’s takes time. We can do this for you, interview the candidates and whittle it down to 3-5 candidates for you to interview. This saves valuable time that can be put to better use on growing your company